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At Tri Valley Swim America, our Supervisors and Coaches are
professionally trained to offer your child the very latest in teaching and
learning techniques.  Our program is based on two philosophies: "goal
driven" and "technique oriented".

Goal Driven means that we have ten well defined skills that represent
"graduation points" to the next level in the system.  By having ten skills, we
are able to reward the effort of the child at every phase of the learn-to-swim
progression and help build their personal confidence in their ability to learn.

Technique Oriented means that we are concerned with teaching proper
stroke mechanics from the beginning.  Correcting errors is a much more
difficult process later in the development progression.  Our coaches
emphasize correct learning from the first lesson.

With a maximum of 3 students per coach, these philosophies are reinforced
with each and every lesson.

30 years as the leading swim lesson program in the area, we continue
to distinguish ourselves from other programs. Our coaches are qualified to
teach all levels, thereby maintaining your child's momentum.  We do have
coaches that specialize in certain levels/age groups allowing us to offer the
best possible instruction for your child.  By continuing to have the smallest
class sizes in the Tri Valley Area, we are able to progress students through
constant evaluation by staff without stalling their progress.  What this means
for your child is that once skills are achieved to pass a particular level, your
child's coach will automatically begin working on the next set of skills....it's
that simple!