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You can follow the progress of your child by checking the chart below which outlines the
goals required for graduation from each level.  One of the finest features of the program is
that your child will progress at his/her own pace.  Our site supervisors or director will
"graduate" your child at any point in the lessons, as spot testing determines they are ready
for the next level.  Your child may be moved to another coach or the present one will start
working on the next set of skills.

Remember...there is always:

A Maximum of 3 Students per Coach!

What your child will learn...

Level 1
Gradual Water Adaptation
Blowing Bubbles
Opening Eyes Under Water
Submersion of Face
Bobbing with Bubbles and Air Exchange

Level 2
Front and Back Floats

Level 3
Front and Back Kicking

Level 4
"Big Arms"

Level 5
Breathing in Freestyle

Level 6
Extended Freestyle Swimming
Treading Water
Front Dives

Level 7
Extended Freestyle Swimming
Extended Backstroke Swimming
Breaststroke Kick
Butterfly Kick

Level 8
Extended Freestyle Swimming
Breaststroke Swimming
Butterfly Swimming

Level 9
Extended Swimming in all Strokes
Stroke Refinement
Racing Starts
Flip Turns

Level 10
Extended Swimming and Techniques
Refinement in all Major Strokes and Turns

Stroke and Conditioning Clinic
Competitive Stroke Refinement and Conditioning
Reinforcement of Racing Starts and Flip Turns