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Stroke and Conditioning Clinic
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Stroke and
Conditioning Clinic
Welcome to Tri Valley Swim America's Stroke and Conditioning Clinic!

This program has been designed to refine and strengthen your swimmer's
strokes.  By focusing on specific strokes and drills, your swimmer will refine his/her
competitive swimming skills. The clinic's structured curriculum will ensure that your
swimmer gets attention and instruction in the four competitive strokes, diving and
turns.  The program is designed to give your swimmer the strength, endurance,
skills and confidence necessary if they choose to enter the world of competitive
What your swimmer will be experiencing:

Stroke endurance in all 4 strokes                             Racing Dives
Backstroke drills/Stroke Refinement                        Pace Clock Reading
Breaststroke drills/Stroke Refinement                      Flip Turns and streamlines
Freestyle drills/Stroke Refinement                            Use of pullbouys, kickboards, and paddles
Butterfly drills/Stroke Refinement                              Time Trials

Clinic Gear

All clinic swimmers will receive free goggles and swim cap. We strongly encourage your swimmers to
wear any type of competitive suit. T-shirts, swim shirts, wetsuits and boardshorts are not permitted.
Please refer to the sizing guide on the website when ordering suits.
We are pleased to now accept payment by all major credit cards.  If
you wish to pay by credit card, there will be a $5 convenience fee.