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1. How old does my child need to be in order to take lessons?
For group classes, we accept swimmers ages 3 - Adult.  If your swimmer is not yet potty trained, we request that you
have your child wear a "swimmy" diaper.  

2. What if my child cries during the lesson?
Children may cry before or during swim lessons.  While a crying child may be embarrassing to parents, our staff is
well equipped to handle the situation.  Continue to bring your child to lessons so he/she can continue to learn life
saving skills.

3. I am unsure of my child's level.
Many families who are new to our program are unsure of what level class to place their child in.  During the
registration process, a Swim America staff member will ask questions regarding your child's abilities in the water in
order to ensure proper placement.

4. Do you offer make-ups for any missed classes?
We do not offer make-ups due to missed classes.

5. Are lessons canceled if it rains?
No.  We hold lessons rain or shine.  The decision to bring your child is up to you.

6. Is there any shade at the pool?
There are shaded bleachers provided for parents and siblings of swimmers.

7. What do I need to bring to lessons?
Swimmers will need a swim suit and towel. We also request that students do not wear tshirts or large swim shirts.  We
find that these interfere considerably with the instructors ability to teach and makes learning difficult for the

8. Do you offer competitive diving lessons?
Swim America does not offer competitive diving lessons.  We will teach your child standing dives and racing starts
beginning at level 7.  If you are interested in diving lessons, please contact Monte Young at 925-447-7761.

9. How do I pay for lessons?
Payment is due upon registration.  Swim America accepts cash and checks.  We also accept Visa and Mastercard
for a $5 convenience fee.

10. Will my child receive a reward for mastering skills?
Since our class sizes are so small (maximum 3 students per instructor) students are constantly being evaluated.  
Your child's coach will automatically begin working on the next set of skills when the coach is comfortable that your
child has mastered a skill.  At the end of every session, a site supervisor will evaluate your child.  All students will
receive a ribbon on the last day of the session.  The level that your child will begin next will be noted on the back of
the ribbon.

11. Can my child wear floaties or a life jacket in the pool?
Students may not wear any flotation devices during the lessons.  Water shoes are also not allowed.

12. Some swim programs require swim caps....Do you?
We do request that students with long hair come with their hair pulled securely back.  Long hair will interfere with
stroke and breathing techniques.  Caps are encouraged and are available for purchase at the Swim America Tent.  
Swim caps are required for swimmers participating in the Stroke and Conditioning Clinic and is included with your
registration fee.  

13. What if I need to cancel classes?  What is your refund policy?
If you cancel future/upcoming sessions at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the session, you will receive a full
refund.  If you cancel between 2 and 3 weeks before the first day of a session, you will receive a 50% refund.  For
lessons canceled with less than two weeks notice, there will be no refund.  Please note, there is a $10 cancellation
fee per swimmer per session.

14.  You didn't answer my question....How do I learn more?
Please email us at: